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 Zig (Billy HerZIG) has produced over 60 CD projects

 singer-songwriters, bands and artists of all genres, and music for TV and movies.

Born in  Ft Worth, Texas, he  owned Abalone Studio in Arlington in the ’80s, then in ’89 moved to Nashville where he was a writer for Sony, Warner/Chappell,  and others.

Zig wrote the #1 hit “Right From the Start” recorded by Earl Thomas Conley (RCA 1989) which was also used in the ’80s movie Roadhouse. and on Earl’s Greatest Hits.

In Nashville he owned Grey House Studio on 17th Ave where he cut tons of demos for hit songwriters and publishers, and CD projects for many artists.

Zig has produced demos and projects for Capitol, Atlantic, MCA, Sony, Warner Bros, BMG, RCA, Arista, Universal, Famous, EMI, Polygram, Blue Water, High Seas, Curb,  and many others.  He is the veteran of thousands of sessions.

As a musician he has played on hundreds of sessions on acoustic and electric guitar, piano, B-3, keyboards, bass and percussion.

Back in Texas now ….Zig says:  “I like to help each artist make their music come to life and reach their audience. with a good sound”IMG_3780


billyherzig@hotmail.com     615-889-7105   

zig productions    201 W Main St      arlington tx 76010